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PREA Scholarship Programs
Since 1994, PREA and Toigo Scholarships have been awarded to 206 students studying real estate and related fields at 49 universities across North America.

PREA Scholarship Programs

The PREA 2014 Scholarship Program is now closed
Scholarship winners will be announced in August 2014.

In keeping with our educational mission, the Pension Real Estate Association awards scholarships on an annual basis to promising students studying real estate at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These scholarships are awarded through our own scholarship program and financial need will be considered in determining the amount of each award. Potential recipients who demonstrate no need will be eligible to receive the minimum award. PREA also partners with the Robert A. Toigo Foundation to grant a PREA/Toigo scholarship which is awarded to minority and women students.

In 2013, the program distributed $30,000 to students in the following manner:

  1. $20,000 was given to graduate students majoring or concentrating in real estate. Funds were disseminated according to our criteria through PREA's scholarship program administrator, Scholarship America. This year, 10 students received scholarships.

  2. $10,000 was granted to the Robert A. Toigo Foundation to collaborate with them in supporting the education and professional development of minority students pursuing careers in real estate. The Robert Toigo Foundation selected 4 Fellows from the Class of 2012 who shared in the $10,000 award

For more information about the Robert A. Toigo Foundation, its partnerships and its programs, please visit www.toigofoundation.org.

The Pension Real Estate Association was founded in 1979 with a mission to serve its members through the sponsorship of objective forums for education, research initiatives, membership interaction, and the exchange of information. In keeping with this mission, PREA established a scholarship program in 1994 to promote the understanding of institutional investment in real estate. To date, PREA has awarded $577,500 in scholarships to 206 students concentrating in real estate studies at academic institutions in the United States and Canada.

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