About PREA

Institute Committee

Committee Chair

Eric Wurtzebach
Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc.


Committee Members

Dean Adler
Lubert-Adler Partners

Kevin Bassi
Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association

Christy Fields
Pension Consulting Alliance, LLC

Matt Hershey
Hodes Weill & Associates

Steve Orbuch
Och-Ziff Real Estate Advisors, LLC

David Sherman
Metropolitan Real Estate Equity Management LLC

Melanie Schiff
Deutsche Investment Management, Americas

David Truex
Colorado PERA



The PREA Institute Committee will develop a topical program in an academic setting in support of the educational mission and goals of PREA.



The committee comprises approximately six members. The membership consists of the Chairperson of the PREA Institute Committee (which may be either a board or non-board member); and five members with a strong interest in academics, one of which will be a member of the Plan Sponsor Executive Committee. The exact size of the committee will be determined by the President.