PREA Research Reports

Formally established in 2001, PREA’s Research Department oversees a variety of publications, meetings and other activities including investor and manager surveys, industry databases and independent papers. The Association is a key source of investment research for the institutional real estate community.

Research reports are available to members only.


What Is the S in ESG? A Guide for Real Estate Investors
(For Executive Summary, click here.)
December 2023

The Value-Add of Going Green
September 2022

Homeownership Rates by Income Quartile and Metro
updated February 2021

A Primer on Commercial Real Estate Indices
December 2020

How Do Local Job Losses Affect Property Income?
April 2020

Risk-Adjusted Performance of Non-Core versus Core: Evidence from Open-End Funds
May 2018

Investment Performance of Canadian Commercial Real Estate
March 2018

To Which Cities Are the Young (and Old) Educated Going?
July 2017

The 4% Rule: Does Real Estate Make a Difference?
April 2017

Who Cares What the Fed Does?
January 2015

A Quick Look at Office Performance by Metro: The Importance of Diversification
June 2013

Retail: A Quick Look at the Relative Performance of Property Sub-Types
June 2013

Property Types: A Quick Look at Relative Performance Through the Downturn and Recovery
June 2013

Understanding the Contributions of Fund Structure in the PREA | IPD U.S. Property Fund Index
December 2012

Risk Management and Diversification with Real Estate: Correlation is Not Enough
February 2012

Private real estate allocations in multi-asset investment portfolios
November 2011

How Many Properties Does It Take to Be Diversified? A Review of the Academic Evidence
October 2011

Liability Driven Investing: What Is It and Does Real Estate Fit?
September 2011

REITs and Real Estate: Is There Room for Both in a Portfolio?
October 2010

Does Property Size Play a Role in a Portfolio?
August 2010

Is Beta-Risk Becoming More Important to Real Estate?
August 2010

An Estimate of the Value of Commercial Real Estate Assets Held by Pension Funds Globally
December 2009

Do REITs Have an Advantage When Credit is Tight?
December 2009

Active Versus Passive Management of Funds of Real Estate Securities
November 2009

An International Comparative Study of the Pension Plan Community and Real Estate Investments
January 2006

Institutional Perspectives on Real Estate Investing: The Role of Risk and Uncertainty
May 2005

Private Real Estate Fund Options for Defined Contribution Plans
November 2004

U.S. pension funds now use REITs increasing for their real estate investments.
September 2003

Real Estate - The Human Capital Factor
October 2002

Benchmarks & Index Needs in the U.S. Private Real Estate Investment Industry: Trying to Close the Gap

The Real Estate Needs of the Plan Sponsor Community
March 2001


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